Unforgettable. Inspirational. Transformational.

World-Class Keynote Speaker + Trainer

For much of her adult life, Tasha was an adrenaline-fueled workaholic, striving for perfection in an unrelenting world. 

Then, she hit a wall, and she made a choice: she chose herself, her health, and her family over the relentless pursuit of perfection. 

What followed was a powerful journey of self-discovery and healing through yoga, meditation, and reiki, which led to the birth of Raise Your Vibes in 2023. 

Today, as a ‘Soulpreneur’, Tasha brings her transformative journey to her audiences, inspiring and guiding them through their own personal and professional evolutions.

Tasha Romanelli speaking on a stage

Tasha’s Keynote Topics

Delve into Tasha’s inspiring journey from an adrenaline-junkie workaholic to a balanced and fulfilled ‘Soulpreneur’. 

This talk will guide you through the transformation of changing career paths and embracing the inner calling, leading to a more fulfilled, purpose-driven life. The audience will leave empowered, ready to embark on their own path of self-discovery and entrepreneurship.

Uncover the secrets of tapping into your inner guidance system in this enlightening talk. Tasha shares her insights on how intuition can become your most potent ally in decision-making and life navigation. 

Attendees will gain confidence in their inner voice, learning to harness their intuition as a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.

Explore the transformational power of choosing courage over fear. In this talk, Tasha explores the pivotal moments in her journey that pushed her to choose courage and self-love. Audiences will leave emboldened, ready to confront their fears and unlock their true potential.

Workshop Facilitation

Tasha doesn’t just talk about transformation – she guides you through it. As a facilitator, she leads immersive workshops, introducing participants to the healing power of yoga, meditation, and reiki.

She creates a safe, empowering environment for individuals to come undone and rebuild themselves,
one empowering breath at a time.

Why Choose Tasha?

Tasha’s keynotes and workshops are not just speeches – they are transformative experiences. She bridges her own personal journey of self-love and healing with practical tools and teachings that the audience can immediately implement in their lives. 

With Tasha, you’re not just getting a speaker; you’re welcoming an experience that will elevate the vibrations of your entire event.